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Ktechnē Designs & Collages: The Product Process

Originally called “squigglies”, these abstractions are created with colored pencil on black paper, following a set of rules. The ‘rules’ of their making are:

I. All lines; only lines—lines, lines, lines. II. Each composition must be unique to all others. III. The lines of color must fill the page.

There are many sources of inspiration for the designs’ making, but more than anything else, each one is its own thinking exercise, like a story. A story is but one set of words, yet with infinite ways to envision them. A design has but one set of lines, yet with infinite interpretations.


The three compositions within each piece below explained: The first composition (I) is the original design drawn by hand with colored pencil on black paper.. These compositions are sold as they appear in this gallery as fine prints in the Prints & Canvases Collection on this site. 

I then extract a carefully chosen chunk of that composition into an isolated state (II).

From here, I form a collage made up entirely of the ‘chosen chunk' (III). These collages are sold as decorative canvases in the Prints & Canvas collection on this site. They are also the collages used to decorate the various apparel and accessories sold in the Apparel Collections on this site, titled in accordance with the original designs they are extracted from.

For purchase of original pieces or signed, archival quality reproductions, email David Kramer at

Other Mediums

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